Ram Trucks Increased Sales in March, But Most Other Trucks Are Declining (Sales Report)

Ram Trucks and other half-ton truck sales (March 2019)

As several manufacturers are reporting sales numbers on a quarterly basis, we don’t get a sense for how the truck market is doing often enough. Today, GM reported their sales for the last quarter, so we can get a better understanding.

Ram Trucks is doing very well. The company sold over 45,000 trucks in March. It is a 9% improvement over where they were a year ago. The same cannot be said for the Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, Toyota Tundra, or Nissan Titan. GM, Toyota, and Nissan trucks all declined in March or the first quarter of 2019.

Chevrolet still sold 114,313 Silverado truck in Q1 2019, but it was 15.7% down from where it was last year. Noteworthy is that GMC Sierra sold more trucks than Toyota sold Tundras this year. Of course, GMC also count heavy duty truck sales, while Toyota does not sell HD trucks.

The Tundra saw a small sales decrease, but Nissan Titan saw another significant decline in Titan sales.

2019 March/Q1 Sales – Full-Size Pickup Trucks

Mar 2019 #Mar 2019/2018YTD 2019 #YTD 2019/2018 %
Ford F-Series71,537 (avg)0.2%214,6110.2%
Chevrolet Silverado38,104 (avg)-15.7%114,313-15.7%
GMC Sierra13,515-2.2%40,546-2.2%
Toyota Tundra10,351-3.2%25,100-4.6%
Nissan Titan3,930-20.0%9,683-23.9%
  • Ford and GM are reporting sales on a quarterly basis.