Video: The New Hummer EV Truck Doesn’t Drive Like You MightThink In the Snow Because Of This One Feature!

gmc hummer ev truck snow drive review four wheel drive steer suspension tires
What is it like to drive a new Hummer EV Truck in the snow and on ice? We find out that it doesn't drive as you would expect! The AWD is very good, and the ABS with Regen slows it down nicely. However, the Four Wheel Steering makes it interesting.

These Are the Top 10 Trucks That Make It At Least 200,000 Miles: Study

Research firm iSeeCars published a new study showing the top 10 trucks with the greatest potential lifespan - all of which can run at least 200,000 miles on average.

Video: Do You Really Need Snow-Rated Tires on Your 4×4 Truck to Survive the Winter? Let’s Find Out!

ram 1500 2500 hd snow tire all-terrain stock comparison winter test
On this episode of "Let's Find Out!" we put our stock 2022 Ram HD 2500 pickup truck on factory all-purpose tires against a nearly identical new Ram HD 2500 diesel truck on new three-peak snow-rated all-terrain tires....

A Lordstown Endurance Truck Reservation Holder Is Disappointed By No Truck & Lack of Response

2023 lordstown motors endurance pickup truck reservation holder disappointment sale
The new Endurance electric pickup truck by Lordstown Motors has been in the news recently as the company begins production of the hub-motor-powered EV pickup. Lordstown Motors and Foxconn announced that the first two trucks rolled off...

Owner Report: My GMC Sierra Promised Retrofits for Missing Options Are Still Not Here

2022 chevy silverado 1500 gmc sierra heated steering wheel seats retrofit failure
Promised heated steering wheel retrofits for GMC Sierra & Chevy Silverado trucks still do not have an ETA for many customers.

Here’s Why I Waited 23 Years to Buy My 2023 Hyundai Santa Cruz and How the Buying Experience Went!

Hyundai Santa Cruz purchase video
It's been 23 years (1999) since the last time I bought myself a new car, and this 2023 Hyundai Santa Cruz SEL AWD is it!

First Drive Video: This Is the Best & Most Useful Truck You Probably Have Not Heard Of – Here’s Why!

2023 mercedes-benz sprinter mercedes awd chassis cab first drive review
Tommy checks a new version of the truck that you may not have heard about or considered before: the updated 2023 Mercedes Sprinter AWD chassis cab and van lineup.

Ford Expands 2021-2022 F-150 Wiper Motor Recall, Covering Nearly 454,000 More Trucks

2021 Ford F-150
Ford launched an expanded recall for the F-150 to address potentially faulty front wiper motors.

Video: Here Is Exactly What It Takes to EV-Swap an Old Ford Truck & Turn It Into a Tesla: Chargezilla Ep.2

1965 ford f-100 chargezilla ev swap legacyev 101motors fox shocks
This Chargezilla Old to Bold episode shows precisely what it takes to convert an old, tired Ford truck into a Tesla battery-powered machine. Here you will see what components we are using and...

I Love Everything About Our Cheap 2022 Ram 1500 Classic EXCEPT for This One Very Unexpected Issue: Video

Our 2022 Ram 1500 Classic is almost as inexpensive as you can go, but we did opt for the 4x4 setup, and a few small options. Here's how it performed on a road trip from Idaho to Colorado!

Owner Review: My 2020 Ram 1500 Classic Is Fantastically Solid After 30,000 Miles

ram 1500 classic owner review
We recently got this 'Owner Review' of a Ram 1500 Classic from Victor. Victor writes: "Been following your series of the Ram 1500 Classic you’ve recently purchased with great enthusiasm. I wanted to...

Ram Recall News: 250,000 Cummins-Equipped 2500/3500 HD Trucks at Risk of Catching Fire

2023 Ram 3500 Tradesman
Nearly a quarter-million 2020-2023 Ram 2500 and 3500 trucks are now under recall for a potential fire risk.

Scout Motors Launches Its Website with This Teaser Image – What Would You Like a Future Scout Truck & SUV to Be?

2025 2026 scout vw truck suv teaser brand
Volkswagen's - Scout Motors - website and brand launch this week with a dark silhouette teaser image you see above. We superimposed the latest "Scout" logo over the teaser image that Scout Motors provides.

New Chevy Montana Compact Pickup Is Teased Again in Brazil – Should It Come to the U.S. as a Ford Maverick Fighter?

2023 2024 chevy montana compact pickup truck
The next-generation Chevy Montana is teased again in Brazil. We have seen camouflaged prototypes of this latest compact pickup truck, but Chevrolet shows a few more details here. This new pickup is coming to the Brazilian market...

Video: We Just Bought The Cheapest New 4×4 Half-Ton Truck in America!

2022 ram 1500 classic tradesman 4x4 4wd cheapest truck cheap new pickup
Here it is in all of its glory. The cheapest new full-size 4x4 pickup truck you can buy now. It's a 2022 Ram 1500 Classic 4WD in Tradesman trim. It's a two-door regular cab with a short...

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