Here’s A Clearer Look At The 2023 Ford Ranger, Including The Off-Road Versions: News

2023 Ford Ranger
New shots via Ranger6G forums show the 2023 Ford Ranger in three different specs, offering a much better look at the new front-end design.

Video: It Gets Very Real When We Take Our Three Cheap Trucks on a 300-Mile Mountain Road Trip – Ep.4

ford ranger mazda b4000 jeep grand cherokee chevy s-10 blazer
On this episode of "For a Few Bucks Less" we take our three cheap trucks on a 300-mile mountain road trip on our way to the Imogene Pass. The ultimate test will be going over this treacherous...

Video: Did The Ford F-150 Tremor Just Completely Outshine The Ram Rebel?

2022 ford f-150 tremor ram 1500 rebel chevy silverado trail boss
How does the new Ford F-150 Tremor off-road truck stack against some of its competitors such as the Ram Rebel? I put them side-by-side to find out. The Ram Rebel off-road truck has been...

New Ford F-150 Gets IIHS Top Safety Pick, But the Base F-150 Still Has Poor Headlights

2021 ford f-150
It's both good and bad news regarding Ford's headlight updates: they achieved an IIHS Top Safety Pick award, but the base F-150 XL is still "in the dark". Ford scored an...

Video: 2022 Toyota Tundra – I Get These Real-World 0-60 MPH and Road Trip MPG Numbers

2022 toyota tundra 0-60 mph mpg road trip
I take two new 2022 Toyota Tundra trucks to get some real-world 0-60 MPH numbers and a 150-mile road trip MPG that is verified at the fuel pump. Here are the results. I...

The Refreshed GMC Sierra Denali Is Teasing Its New Front End Here

Take a look at the next GMC Sierra teaser. The company published several teasers that show glimpses of the new pickup truck. It is being referred to as a "Sierra Denali Ultimate" in the half-ton class.

Have You Been Keeping Up With Tundra Week? Catch Up On It All Here!

Are you looking to get the most information on the 2022 Toyota Tundra? You need to catch TFLtruck's Tundra Week series, and we have all the videos right here!

Caught: Here’s Another Look At The 2023 Toyota Tacoma — And One New Feature You May Not Expect!

Check it out — the new 2023 Toyota Tacoma is out in the wild, and it looks like Toyota's benchmarking the Ford Ranger!

Vehicle Thefts Increased Significantly in 2020 and Pickup Trucks Are The Most Stolen

2020 most stolen vehicles cars trucks ford chevy ram dodge gmc honda
The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) releases its annual U.S. most stolen vehicle report, and the news is not good. Overall vehicle theft in the United States went up 11% in 2020 when compared to 2019. Not...

The Base 2022 Toyota Tundra SR Is Not Like the Rest Of Them – Here Are the Details

2022 toyota tundra sr base model price
You may have heard a lot about the all-new 2022 Toyota Tundra, but the very base SR model of the truck has some very peculiar specs. The base Tundra's twin-turbo engine is rated at a lower power...

Video: Did Toyota Really Improve the New 2022 Tundra By Replacing The V8 With a Twin Turbo V6?

2022 toyota tundra towing old vs new
Any pickup truck is ultimately judged by how much work it can do and how it does the "truck stuff". This is why we take a new 2022 Toyota Tundra twin-turbo V6 and see how it tows...

What’s Ram And Jeep Bringing To SEMA? Looks Like A Hybrid TRX And M715 Military Truck: News

Ram SEMA 2021 — Hybrid TRX
Both Ram and Jeep teased some of their upcoming builds for SEMA 2021, including a M715-based build and...a hybrid TRX? Not quite sure what to make of that one just yet — stay tuned for more updates!

Ask TFL: 2022 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro or a 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning: Should I get a Hybrid or an EV?

2022 ford f-150 hybrid vs toyota tundra trd pro
We recently received this question from Alex. He brings up at least two very important questions. It's just about a hybrid pickup truck versus an all-electric one. It's also about not being able to test drive some...

Video: You Get What You Pay For – Only One Has a Working 4×4 System

jeep vs ford vs mazda vs chevy for a few bucks less
The "For a Few Bucks Less" video series continues with episode 3 where we take our cheap ($2,500) little trucks off-road. This is our first real-world shakedown before the main challenge - driving about 300 miles south-west...

Video: Building a Police Chevy Tahoe for Highway Patrol Duty is WAY MORE Work Than We Expected

2018 2019 2020 police chevy tahoe ppv
The wiring job alone will make you vomit. That’s the takeaway we have after stumbling across this detailed look into the California Highway Patrol's retrofit operation on their Chevy Tahoe Police Pursuit Vehicles. Posted on YouTube last...

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opened an investigation into stalling issues in diesel Ram HD trucks, according to 22 customer reports of failing high-pressure fuel pumps.

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