Ford Isn’t Just Coming Back to F1 – It Has a Hot Electric Truck Coming Too

Hmm...what's going on here?

Images: Ford and Ford Motor Sport

Yes, Ford will be in Formula 1 by 2026, but what’s with this infographic showing off an unknown electric pickup truck?

If you look at this infographic displaying Ford’s “Focused and Strategic Global Motorsports Program,” you will see something unusual in their “EV Performance Demonstrators” block – an unknown electric pickup truck. At first, you may dismiss it as the silhouette of a Ford F-150 lightning, but I don’t think it is.

Below, I provided images of Ford truck images with their profile heading the same direction.

If you compare the profile of a current Ford F-150 (which is the same as the F-150 Lightning), to the silhouetted image above, they are not the same truck. Ford already provided a silhouette image of the upcoming Raptor Ranger, and they look different. As such, it’s not an electrified Ford Ranger. I opted to look at the Maverick’s profile below.

At first blush, it sure resembles the Maverick’s silhouette – but look closer. If really you scrutinize its profile, you’ll see some differences. Check out the bed length, rear bumper design and hood length. See it? This silhouette could be the next EV pickup that may be smaller than the Ford Maverick.

Remember: Ford mentioned a second all-electric pickup not that long ago.

CEO Jim Farley said that Ford will build a second EV truck at the Blue Oval City manufacturing complex in Stanton, Tennessee. He stated that they will begin to build the next-generation battery-electric F-Series pickups in 2025.

The rest of what you see in this infographic pertains to Ford’s ambitious racing program(s) and how they are all connected. As this mystery EV pickup resides in the “EV Performance Demonstrators,” I am concerned that it could be a one-off or a concept of some sore. Still, when you look at it closely, it sure looks like a production pickup of some sort.

What do you think?

Nathan Adlen
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