New TFLtruck Series: To Hell & Back, Brought To You By!

Welcome to your hub for TFLtruck’s ‘To Hell & Back’ series!

Just how much off-road truck can you get for under $5,000? Can you get a solid, dependable truck to build out into your perfect off-roading rig without annihilating your bank account? In TFLtruck’s brand new series, that’s exactly what we’re going to find out.

The plan is simple: Roman, Nathan and Andre each set out to find the best truck they could on that budget thanks to our friends and sponsor over at After each buying a truck, the goal is to then head to Hell’s Revenge in Moab to really test their mettle and crown the ultimate cheap off-road champion — with some upgrades along the way, of course!

To Hell & Back airs on TFLtruck’s YouTube channel for four weeks beginning May 9, 2021. Note: We will skip Memorial Day, May 30 to the holiday. Stay tuned for each episode here, and as a preview check out some of our behind the scenes videos below!

Episode schedule:

Episode 1 is Here!

Episode 2 – What’s Broke?

Episode 3 – The Road To Hell’s Revenge

Episode 4 – The Road Back Home