Video: This New Truck Tech Makes Your Pickup WORSE!

Some pieces of truck truck tech have made ownership much better. Others? Not so much.

Image: TFLtruck

New truck tech can make things better, or much worse.

All of that depends on everything from safety to emissions, performance and more.

Many of us are pretty happy with a lot of what new truck tech has to offer. Performance and convenience gains are notable, but so is safety and comfort. On the other hand, electronic nannies, overly complex internal systems, and tech many of us loath can be an issue as well. Over the past two decades, many trucks have become as complex, and even more complex than some luxury cars.

We address these pros and cons with a top list of items that make trucks better, and another list of truck tech that makes trucks worse. Some of these items are fairly obvious, but a few may make your rub your chin in deep contemplation. In addition, there are some pros and cons the boys omitted. I blame that on too much hair product.

Here’s the list of new truck tech pros and cons:


  • 5. On board scales, and on board power. Example: Ford F-150 PowerBoost systems.
  • 4. Tailgates (multifunctional) and composite beds. Chevy’s Multi Pro tailgate, and Toyota Tacoma composite beds are good examples.
  • 3. Active shocks and off-road packages. Example: Trail Boss, Rebel and ZR2.
  • 2. Camera tech. Example: GMC AT4X.
  • 1 Tow ratings. The big three are all up year over year.


  • 5. Trailer backup assist. Roman hates the little steering wheel.
  • 4. Tall hoods and tall beads. Trucks are getting taller and taller, which makes access to engine bays and beds harder.
  • 3. Cylinder deactivation. Roman worries if that system makes for too much complexity.
  • 2. Bad payload. Off-road-oriented full size 4x4s tend to have poor payload numbers. Example: TRX and Raptor.
  • 1 Electrification. Example: Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado EV etc.

Bonus: pricing and availability.

In the video below, Roman and Andre share their opinion about these pros and cons, and we hope that you contribute to the lists as well!

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