Video: Can I Teach an Old Truck a New Trick with Modern Fox Shocks? Chargezilla vs Andre’s Pit – Ep.3

It's play time!

1965 ford f-100 ev swap tesla e-100 chargezilla

It’s time to put our 1965 Ford F-100 EV-swapped “Chargezilla” project pickup truck to its first test. I take it to Tumbleweed Ranch to tackle the Andre’s Pit off-road obstacles. I also meet up with the team from Fox Shocks to get the suspension dialed in and learn about suspension tuning from the pros.

Big thanks to our partners on this project: Fox shocks, LegacyEV, and 101 Motors.

This EV-swap uses refurbished Tesla battery modules, new Hyper-9 electric motors, and all the other components provided by LegacyEV in one easy-to-understand kit. Our friends at 101 Motors made this conversion happen, and the truck is riding on Fox 2.5 shocks that bring new life to this old truck’s tired suspension.

While this build has many high-performance components and lots of power, its component cost is getting close to the $50,000 mark. This is a lot of money. Both Fox Shocks and LegacyEV provide suspension and electric components for a variety of budgets. The shocks start at several hundred dollar mark. The EV kits start at around $20,000 and go up in price from there depending on your power, range, and charging needs.

Chargezilla truck went through Andre’s Pit as if it wasn’t even there. This is a testament to the high-torque electric motors, suspension, tires, and the truck’s build quality. Please check out the video below for all the fun, and stay tuned for the next episode when I take Chargezilla to David’s “Happy Yak Ranch” for some heavy lifting and serious abuse.