Video: I Take My Tesla-swapped Classic Ford Truck to a Car Meet – Here Are Your First Reactions! Chargezilla Ep.5

Will it be good or bad?

1965 ford f-100 ev swap tesla reaction legacyev foxshocks 101motors

This episode of “Chargzilla” – a classic Ford truck – is all about your first reactions. I take this tesla-swapped 1965 Ford F-100 to several car meets in order to get your first impressions. Here is what happened.

Here is what makes it tick. The truck is a conglomeration of several trucks. It has a heavy-duty F-250 chassis and a divorced transfer case. It started with a dump-truck straight-6 gasoline engine and a 4-speed manual transmission. The powertrain was worn out and the truck just needed a lot of TLC.

Thanks to our sponsors at Legacy EV, 101 Motors, and FOX Shocks – we turned it into an all-electric pickup truck. It’s powered by two Hyper-9 electric motors and 15 Tesla battery modules. The total price of all of the electric components is over $40,000.

When you first see it – you are in for a big surprise! The truck looks stock, but there is a charger port where the gas tank filler used to be.

Take a look at the video below for some interesting and fun first reactions.