2020 GMC HD Dually Or Single Rear Wheel – Which is the Best HD Truck For You? (Video)

Will a dually heavy duty truck fit through a drive-through?

(2020 GMC Sierra HD AT4)

GMC 2500 AT4 vs GMC 3500 Dually HD test!

Disclaimer: We know that these trucks have different bed lengths, but if you listen to Andre’s explanation at 3:40 – it should make a little bit of sense. Besides, it’s not just about the length, the fact of the matter is that the dually is a full eight foot wide, and that makes a hell of a difference during daily driving.

If you’re looking for payload and pulling numbers, it’s an easy choice. The GMC Sierra 2500 AT4 has an approximate max payload of 3,000 lbs. With 18,500 lbs of max towing, the AT4’s numbers are, again – impressive.

With that being said, you can haul 5,200 lbs of total payload in the GMC Sierra 3500 Denali dually and pull 31,100 lbs. Given that both of these trucks are 4X4s, that’s impressive. Obviously, they are built for different buyers, but that’s not the point of this comparison.

What is our point?

We get a lot of questions from viewers and readers about which truck is best for them. While numbers are the most compelling point, we’ve noticed some people buy too much (or too little) truck for their needs. Some dually owners seriously don’t need anywhere need the truck’s heavy duty capabilities. Others desperately need more capacity.

At the end of the day, it comes down to what the owner is comfortable driving along with what fits the bill.

The dually is a stable and solid platform for hauling very heavy weights and trailers. If you are looking to get a big 40-foot 5th-wheel camper and plan to tow it around the country, then a dually may be just the ticket.

If you will tow on a rare occasion, and the trailer is a bit smaller – then the single rear wheel truck is a more convenient daily driver.

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