Video: Go Time – Clapped Out Excursion vs Suburban vs Escalade Overland Torture Fest: Part 1!

ford excursion gmc suburban cadillac escalade

It’s finally time to take our three old overland SUVs on a torturous trip from Boulder, Colorado to Moab, Utah. It’s our “Go Big!” video series finale (part 1). In this episode, we drive our big machines over 350 miles to get to the White Rim Trail in Utah. We want to see if our Ford Excursion, GMC Suburban, and Cadillac Escalade can survive the long and mountainous journey. We also want to see exactly how inefficient or efficient these beasts are in the real life.

We upgraded and upsized our tires to BFGoodrich KO2 all-terrain tires all the way around. Big thanks to our friends at Join YAA for sponsoring this series. Also, big thanks to Colorado Teardrop Trailers and RoofNest tents for helping us with #overland sleeping arrangements.

Oh yea, Roman is following us in the TFL Ram TRX truck with a RoofNest and a Colorado Teardrop trailer in tow. Here are all of our majestic machines.

Surprisingly, all three of our SUVs made it over the Rocky Mountain continental divide, Vail Pass, and many more high-altitude highways to get us to Utah. In the end, this is the real-world fuel economy that we saw.

go big suv mpg results ford gmc cadillac

Join our adventure in the video below, and please stay tuned until next Saturday – when the final (Part 2) of the Go Big! series goes live.