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Welcome to Tundra Week!

If you’ve been following our TFLtruck YouTube channel this week, then you’ll have already seen the videos we’ve published on the 2022 Toyota Tundra so far. There’s still more to come — and if you haven’t had a chance to catch everything yet, you can catch up right here!

From the initial reveal video, the team’s goal has been to inform you guys through as much coverage of the 2022 Toyota Tundra as possible. That includes deep dives with the engineers (one on TFLtruck and a longer-form video as part of our TFL Talkin’ Trucks podcast), towing tests and off-roading. There’s a lot more to come too, even beyond Tundra Week.

Check out the videos below for more of this week’s coverage, and stick close to the TFLtruck channel and website for more coming soon!

Episode 1: First Tow! Old vs. New

Did Toyota really improve the 2022 Tundra by replacing the old 5.7-liter V8 with a brand new 3.5-liter, twin-turbocharged V6? Andre finds out by testing the new truck against the well-proven half-ton it replaces — a truck that’s been in production in its second generation since 2007.

Episode 2: First Dirt! 2022 Toyota Tundra Off-Road

Can the brand new truck hack it off the beaten track at least as well as its predecessor? Andre and Roman take the truck out into the dirt to get a feel for how it performs.

Ep. 3: Tundra Exposed! Deep Dive

Toyota also had a cutaway of the new truck beside the finished units that were on-site in Texas. In this video, Andre takes a closer look at the new Tundra’s underpinnings with engineering program manager Jay Sackett, who worked with the team responsible for setting up this third-generation model.

Episode 4: Just How QUICK Is The New Truck?

Capping off Tundra week, we want to know just how quick the new truck is from 0-60. Andre takes a road trip in the new (non-hybrid) model, finds out its fuel economy — it’s better than you might think — and runs both the non-hybrid and hybrid truck to find out the 0-60 times.