Hummer EV Highway Trouble – This Prototype Is Getting a Tow in Colorado

Real-world testing is no joke.

2022 gmc hummer ev towed colorado highway
image: Cole Jennings

This GMC Hummer EV truck prototype was seen being towed on the I-70 highway near Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Real-world vehicle testing is no joke. It’s unknown what issue this particular prototype was experiencing. Thanks to Cole Jennings for sending us this image.

An older Chevy Silverado HD truck (likely with a Duramax diesel engine – judging by the exhaust pipe) is using a tow strap to get the Hummer EV truck to safety.

The I-70 interstate stretch near Glenwood Springs, CO is a tough section of highway with long stretches between fueling or charging stations. This is the primary highway that many prototypes take between the high altitude testing near Dillon, CO, and the off-road testing near Moab, UT.

If you want to see some Hummer EV trucks using their four-wheel-steering in traffic, check out this video below.