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2024 gmc hummer ev suv debut electric h2

The all-new GMC Hummer EV SUV finally makes its official debut. It’s closely related to the Hummer EV Truck that was shown last year. Here is everything we know so far about this new all-electric full-size SUV.

The SUV shares the new Ultium electric truck chassis with the truck, but the SUV’s wheelbase is about nine inches shorter. Still, it’s no small vehicle. The Hummer SUV’s wheelbase is 126.7 inches long, which is nearly 6 inches longer than that of the new 2021 Chevy Tahoe.

Since the Hummer SUV chassis is a bit shorter than that of the truck, it has a slightly smaller battery pack. While GMC has not revealed to total kWh battery capacity, the company says that the SUV uses 20 double-stacked battery modules in the SUV and 24 modules in the truck. As such, the Hummer EV SUV is currently rated at 300+ miles of total driving range, and the truck is rated at 350+ miles.

The SUV and the Truck will both have the most capable and luxurious Edition 1 models. These models offer a three-motor setup, two electric motors in the rear and one in the front. The drivetrain provides a front and rear “locker” capability. Basically, all four wheels can be powered at the same speed for maximum traction. The height-adjustable air suspension provides different ride heights. The highest off-road “Extraction” mode is available on the SUV. The four-wheel steering system with “Crab mode” and a tight turning radius is also available.

2024 gmc hummer suv electric truck

Here is how the rest of the available specs compare.

Hummer EV SUVHummer EV Truck
Wheelbase126.7 in135.6 in
Turning circle35.4 ft37.1 ft
Edition 1 – Power830 hp1,000 hp
Torque11,500 lb-ft11,500 lb-ft
0-60 MPH3.5 sec3.0 sec
Edition 1 Price$105,595$112,595

The Hummer EV SUV will also offer an Extreme Off-Road equipment package. While the 22-inch wheels come standard on the SUV, this off-road package provides 18-inch wheels with more aggressive 35-inch off-road tires, underbody armor with rock sliders, heavy-duty ball spline half-shafts, and underbody camera views that GMC calls UltraVision. GMC estimates that the Extreme Off-Road package will decrease the SUV’s total driving range by about 20 miles for a total estimate of 280+ miles.

The new Hummer SUV will also be available with GM’s latest “enhanced” SuperCruise semi-automatic driving feature. If the SUV is on one of the pre-mapped 200,000 miles of U.S. highways – the vehicle is able to drive itself while the driver is still paying attention. The enhanced version will also be able to initiate automatic lane-change maneuvers if the navigation, current traffic situation, and all regulations allow.

TFLtruck, TFLoffroad, and TFLtalk podcast will have VERY detailed and in-person video coverage of the new Hummer SUV and Hummer Truck for you on April 5th. Please come back to our Youtube channels and website for this exciting coverage.

While the Hummer EV Truck is going on sale by the end of this year (2021), the SUV will come later – in early 2023 as a 2024 model. We will have to wait a bit longer to get our hands on one of these SUVs. Just as with the Hummer EV Truck – less expensive versions of the SUV will follow after the Edition 1 model. Hummer says that SUV 3X and 2X will available for sale in the Spring of 2023. The Hummer EV SUV 3X will start at $99,995 and the 2X model will start at $89,995. A Hummer EV 2 model will follow a year later in the spring of 2024 at a starting price of $79,995.

Here is a more detailed Hummer SUV availability and pricing breakdown. By the way, you can now go to the GMC website and reserve your SUV now.

2024 gmc hummer ev suv price schedule

This is all the information we have so far. Please come back to our site on April 5th for more juicy details.