What Do Ford Raptor Owners Tow? How About a Yacht or a Tractor!

2020 ford f-150 raptor towing a yacht
(images: from Ford Raptor owners)

A truck needs to do everything well, right? This includes towing, hauling, going off-road, carrying passengers in comfort, and more. In this case, the truck in question is the 2nd-generation Ford Raptor, and the job is towing heavy trailers. Here are several images of Ford Raptor trucks moving heavy loads from here to there. Could it be that some of these trucks are exerting themselves over the rated limit?

As always, safety is the primary concern. The 2nd-generation Raptor crew cab is rated at a maximum towing rating of 8,000 lbs and 1,200 lbs of payload. Many trucks that are loaded with options have payload ratings closer to 1,000 lbs. The lower ratings (when compared with a regular F-150) have to do with a unique suspension system that is focused on off-road capability with softer springs.

The exact weights of these trailers with boats, tractors, skid steer loaders are unknown. If some of these trailers are over the truck’s rating, I hope the owners are moving these loads short distance, at slow speeds, and on private property.

One of TFLtruck’s readers recently spotted a new 2021 Ram TRX prototype towing a very large and heavy speed boat. Naturally, towing is not just about the engine’s power. These trucks have plenty of it. It’s about the ability to stop the heavy loads, properly cool the engine and transmission, and maintain control as the suspension sags near the bump stops.

If you want to see a new Ford Raptor being pushed near the limit on the Ike Gauntlet™ – the world’s toughest towing test, look no further than here!