Workhorse N-GEN Delivery Van: Is This the Electric Future of Package Delivery?

workhorse n-gen delivery van
Workhorse N-GEN

Workhorse N-GEN delivery/service van is new, and a small fleet of these van is being deployed in San Francisco, CA as part of a pilot program. This is an all-wheel-drive all electric vehicle with a total driving range of approximately 100 miles and an option for range-extended engine. It is meant as a “last mile” delivery van with a low loading floor and a tight 26-foot turning radius.

You may know the Workhorse company for recent new of the W-15 electric pickup truck with a range extender, but the company is also known for providing electrified drivetrain solutions for delivery vans of various sizes, as well as production of commercial grade autonomous flying drones.

The N-GEN van can also be equipped with a Workhorse Horsefly autonomous drone system for package delivery.

Workhorse says that the N-GEN can also serve as a transport for plumbers, telecom, or emergency services workers. Ryder, a partner of Workhorse, will manage the fleet for warranty work and maintenance.

Here is another take on an all-electric truck, the Bollinger B1 concept.