News: Ram HD Traveller by Chris Stapleton Brings Back the Hood Ornament: Would You Buy It?

It's one of a kind!

2022 ram hd chris stapleton

Check out the one-of-a-kind Ram HD Traveller truck that was designed in collaboration between Chris Stapleton and the Ram Truck design team. Chris Stapleton is an 8-time Grammy-winning artist. This concept truck brings back classic styling and a hood ornament. Would you like your new Ram to have some of these features?

ram hd traveller chris stapleton hood ornament

Trucks and most cars have stopped using hood ornaments due to safety concerns. What if there was a way to bring it back to a production truck? Would you like your new truck to have a hood ornament?

The exterior style of this concept truck is inspired by a 1979 Ram Palomino truck.

1979 dodge ram palomino truck

The interior of the Traveller truck is unlike any other current Ram truck. Most elements have special customized touches. The attention to detail extends to the gauge cluster, speaker covers, door cards, and transmission shifter handle.

We have not seen the Ram HD Traveller truck in person, but we recently tested our Ram HD 2500 Cummins turbo-diesel truck when we towed a heavy trailer up a steep mountain road.