Video: It’s the Coldest Day of the Year – Will My Ram Cummins Diesel Start?

Will a modern diesel handle -14F?

2023 2022 ram hd 2500 3500 diesel cummins cold start

It’s the coldest day of the year, will my Ram Cummins Diesel start? When temperatures reach 0F and below, diesel-powered vehicles often struggle with gelling diesel fuel, freezing DEF, and rough-running engines. Modern diesel vehicles do better than older ones, but how will our 2022 Ram HD 2500 Cummins turbo-diesel fair after sitting outside all night with temperatures dipping below -14F? Let’s find out!

While many of us are recovering from record-setting cold temperatures, some are still entangled in freezing and snowy conditions. If your truck has a block heater, grid heater, glow plug system, or radiator heater – you would be smart to use it. Our new Ram HD Cummins has a grid heater (which has its own durability problems). However, our truck did not come with a heater wire & plug. This part is not easy to get at this time, as the demand is high.

Join Alex and me as we attempt to start our “Trail Hound” truck. We call the truck Trail Hound because we are in the process of building it up into an all-weather overland camping rig. We already have an Alu-Cabin camper shell on the back that our friends at Juniper Overland masterfully installed.