Video: Survive in the Middle of Nowhere With This All-new All-Purpose Power Supply!

It's a new way to bring electricity with you.

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There is a new way to bring electricity with you – it’s the new Zendure Superbase V battery/inverter/generator. You may have seen portable battery solutions, but none like this one. The new Superbase V is capable of 120V or 240V output of 3,800-7,600 watts. It has an expandable capacity of up 64 kWh. The main Superbase V unit with its 6.4 kWh capacity can be quick-charged in about one hour. It has self-propelled wheels, it uses a new “semi-solid state & LFP” battery technology, and much more.

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We try it out in a middle of a field in a snowstorm. We power a camping trailer with the Superbase V and one Satellite expansion pack battery. Our first order of business is to get David’s customized Caboose camping trailer warmed up. The trailer has a 120-volt 30-amp system that Zendure supports. We use an electric space heater to heat up the cabin. We also cook a small dinner by using an electric griddle and a toaster.

The space heater is drawing about 1,285 watts during continuous max-heat operation. We have about 12.8 kWh of total energy with the expansion pack. It means that we can run this space heater on maximum for around 10 hours straight. Naturally, we would not need to run it continuously for that long in order to keep the camper at a comfortable 70F-degree temperature.

The new semi-solid state and LFP battery technology is meant to provide a more power-dense solution. The Superbase V itself weighs about 130 pounds. The Satellite battery expansion pack holds 6.4 kWh of energy and weighs about 100 pounds.

Join David and I in the video below as we explore this futuristic new technology.