Video: I Made a HUGE Mistake and Bought the WRONG Trailer…How Do We Fix It?

Well, that didn't quite work out like we wanted.


We make a lot of mistakes at TFL Studios, but buying the wrong trailer is kind of a first for us.

How do we fix this mess!?

Roman and Andre were excited and all set to tow with an all-new trailer, before they realized they bought the wrong trailer. This wasn’t the trailer’s fault, it was ours. Or, more specifically, Andre and Roman’s fault. You see, they neglected to do their due diligence before choosing this model. The model we initially acquired was a mid-size (18-foot deck), two-axle Big Tex trailer equipped with the Mega Ramps. These rams are super cool – for the right consumer. They are part of the trailer, so you don’t need to pull and position ramps. Also, they are two position, which is great for adjusting the length and utility. What’s not to like?

At the 30-second mark in this video, you’ll begin to see where things went wrong.

Here’s what happened…

The trailer was too small, even for “Stubby” which is one of the shortest full-size pickup trucks you can currently buy. With the trailer’s spare tire location, it meant there was no room to pull forward enough. Because of that, the rear ramps, which fold upon themselves, could not fold properly. Other vehicles (we think farming/ranching) would work much better.

After spending an hour agonizing their choice (as they fought to fit Stubby on the trailer) they gave up. Andre called the trailer dealership. Fortunately, they were gracious enough to work with us, and agreed to take the trailer in exchange for a $700 more expensive tilt trailer.

Angie from Parker Trailer and RV was kind enough to walks us around the tilt trailer we bought in exchange for the former. This was a much better choice, providing more space, easier tilt loading and a (much) lower ramp. Whereas the original trailer was better for beefy equipment, this one was better for our purposes.

In this video, you’ll see Andre and Roman struggle with their choices before coming to the same conclusion about the wrong trailer.


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