Report: We Now Know the All-new 2023 Chevy Colorado Starting Price – It’s Over $30,000

This is what we know so far.

2023 chevy colorado price

There is a new report about the starting price of the all-new 2023 Chevy Colorado midsize pickup truck line. The new generation of the Colorado pickup truck starts at $30,695 with an additional destination fee of $1,495. This puts the Colorado WT base crew cab truck starting price at $32,190.

This news comes via Motor1. GM Authority provided even more detail, fleshing out the new Colorado’s price walk for every trim level:

TrimEngine LevelPricing (with Destination)
WT (2WD)Base Turbo 2.7L L2R$30,695
WT (2WD)Turbo Plus 2.7L L3B$31,745
WT (4WD)Base Turbo 2.7L L2R$33,995
WT (4WD)Turbo Plus 2.7L L3B$35,045
LT (2WD)Base Turbo 2.7L L2R$33,095
LT (2WD)Turbo Plus 2.7L L3B$34,145
LT (2WD)Turbo High-Output 2.7L L3B$34,540
LT (4WD)Base Turbo 2.7L L2R$36,395
LT (4WD)Turbo Plus 2.7L L3B$37,445
LT (4WD)Turbo High-Output 2.7L L3B$37,840
Trail Boss (4WD)Turbo Plus 2.7L L3B$38,495
Trail Boss (4WD)Turbo High-Output 2.7L L3B$38,890
Z71 (4WD)Turbo Plus 2.7L L3B$41,395
Z71 (4WD)Turbo High-Output 2.7L L3B$41,790
ZR2 (4WD)Turbo High-Output 2.7L L3B$48,295
ZR2 Desert Boss (4WD)Turbo High-Output 2.7L L3B$57,590

While this starting price for the new Colorado work truck model is approximately $4,500 more than the outgoing model, the older Colorado truck started with an extended cab and not a crew cab.

We will publish more news as we get more pricing details and the online configurator comes online. The new 2023 Chevy Colorado production is expected to start in the first quarter of 2023, which is just a month or two away.