Ask TFL: I’m Itching to Swap My Toyota 4Runner for a Truck…But Which One Should I Get?

Ah, the age-old question: Buy now or wait?

2019 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro Overland Adventure
[Photo: Toyota]

The Toyota 4Runner may be a solid off-road rig, but sometimes you just need a truck!

We get so many great questions from you guys via e-mail (, and this one from Chase is definitely some food for thought. He currently owns a Toyota 4Runner, but he’s looking to possibly move into a midsize or half-ton truck instead.

Let’s just get straight into the specifics:

“Hope you’re doing well! Love your content, and it’s been super helpful in recent years.

I’m in a predicament, and I hope you can help guide my thinking…In the last 6 months or so, I’ve lost track of where the off-road truck market is right now, and where it’s going. I’m catching up by watching your vids, but I’m not there yet! I have a 2018 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro. I love it! It tows our little off-road trailer really well, and mostly serves my needs. However, I’ve got the itch for a pickup truck, and a new project to tinker with.

My debate is between the current Ranger Tremor, current Colorado ZR2, a new Tundra SR5, or the current Tacoma TRD Off-Road/TRD Pro. Given those options, what would you pick, considering all the things you guys usually consider, as well as daily driver needs? (Light towing, power, overlanding, style, storage, etc.), or…

Should I sit tight and wait for the next Ranger, the 2023 ZR2 Colorado, or the next Tacoma? Or…

Should I be considering something else? I’d like to stay under $55K. Thanks guys!”

My recommendation: Yeah, you may want to wait!

If you’re buying new in the $55,000 price range, then you will certainly get much more bang for your buck with a midsize truck. If you’re only planning for light to occasional moderate towing, then these trucks will do the job, and they’ll be a bit easier to manage in day-to-day driving. They should also, by and large, be less expensive to run and cheaper to insure.

While we’ve seen quite a bit of movement in the half-ton and heavy-duty segments over the past several months, we’re right on the verge of seeing all the new midsize trucks you mentioned. We have not off-roaded the new 2023 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 yet, nor have we driven the new Ranger or Tacoma, since neither are due to land here until sometime next year. Maybe later, in Toyota’s case.

If you can hold out a bit longer, I suggest hanging onto the 4Runner. I maintain the stance I had in a similar Ask TFL post over on The 4Runner holds its value remarkably well, and it’s unlikely you’ll be worse off if you can wait a few more months.

If FOMO is a huge concern for you, then I’d hold off on pulling the trigger on the current, outgoing trucks.

Should you feel the need to absolutely buy a new truck right now, perhaps you’d want to try out the new Nissan Frontier Pro-4X? Yes, granted it’s not the last word in off-road capability on the market, especially with what’s coming down the pike. But it’s a relatively affordable all-rounder that’s far better to drive than the old Frontier. It can also tow around 6,270 pounds, so you shouldn’t have any issues if you stick with your current off-road trailer, or something similar.

What do you guys think? Should Chase get a midsize truck now, wait for the new options or swap into a full-size truck?