Video: The 2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-road Has Some Cool Gadgets & Gizmos!

Tommy shows us the 2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-road and some of its truly bizarre gadgets & gizmos!

You would be surprised at how many unusual (truly “bizarre”) gadgets & gizmos this truck has. Considering that the Toyota Tacoma is (by far) the best-selling truck in its class, it’s surprising how unusual it can be. In North America, in 2020, Toyota sold about a quarter of a million Tacomas. To put that into perspective, the popular Ford Ranger sold less than half in the same amount of time but is still considered a sales success.

Tommy shows us many of the regular, and irregular items – in a humorous way

There are a bunch of interesting items on this truck that are unique to the brand. It’s the only vehicle in its class to have a fully composite bed. It also has a dampened tailgate, which is rare in this class. There is a 400-watt internal in-bed outlet. This thing powers a surprising amount of stuff, including a fan, drills, and even a high-power angle grinder. It kind of surprised us.

This particular model has an optional, dealer-installed Bilstein lift kit. It’s $1,450 and it gives you a two-inch lift up front and one-inch for the rear end. Basically, it’s a lift and leveling kit. On top of that, there is a sweet TRD chunk of armor up front, underneath the front wheels.

It also has a TRD “cleanable” air filter. It also makes a black-chrome TRD exhaust system

There are a few odd options, but the one I wanted to mention is the foglight switch and ring. Sure, there is a ring that indicates that your fog lights are on, but there are NO fog lights. Seriously.

Check out this detailed video, especially if you are thinking about buying a new Toyota Tacoma!

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