News: The Next-Generation U.S.-Spec Ford Ranger Coming a Bit Later Than We Thought

2024 ford ranger u.s. spec
images: Ford Australia

The official news is in. The next-generation Ford Ranger midsize pickup truck is coming to the U.S. as a 2024 model. TFLtruck has followed the world debut of the new Ranger from afar. The new truck is now available in Australia and several other countries around the world, but NOT in the United States. We now get an official statement from Ford on this matter.

Ford spokesperson told

The 23MY (Model Year) order banks are open for the Ford Ranger. The next-gen Ranger in the U.S. will be a 24MY (Model Year).

Indeed, you can now order the 2023 Ford Ranger in the U.S., and it is largely unchanged from the 2022 model. We will do a deeper dive into the 2023 Ranger updates at a later time. Admittedly, we hoped for the next-generation Ranger to come to America as a 2023 truck. Now we know, that it will be a 2024 model. If you are waiting for the new interior, technology, and capability in your next Ranger – you will need to wait a bit longer. When will the next Ranger launch in the U.S. – we do not have an exact date at this time. We expect a full debut earlier next year with production availability in the summer of 2023, but this is just a wild guess at this point.