Video: We Drove a Lightning As Far North As You Can, But The REAL HERO Is This Ford F-150 Truck!

This truck drove over 4,700 miles in 3 weeks to save the day.

ford f-150 hybrid northern lightning ev truck expedition

As you may know, we drove a new Ford F-150 Lightning EV pickup truck from Colorado to Deadhorse, Alaska (Prudhoe Bay) – the northernmost drivable point in the United States. We were the FIRST to drive a production electric truck to this remote location, but we also drove a second truck on this expedition. It is the unsung hero. Here is the back story of the F-150 Hybrid support truck that saved the trip multiple times.

Thanks to our friends at Flo Charger, Four Wheel Campers, BFGoodrich, and Colorado Fairing Company for making this project possible.

The support role of this journey included driving over 4,700 miles in about three weeks to bring our camera crew, additional tools, and equipment to make the #NorthernLightning #AmpsToAlaska trip possible. They say once any vehicle drives the grueling Dalton Highway in Alaska (which is mainly unpaved) – that vehicle will never be the same. It is the case here, but this F-150 Hybrid never had a single issue. It never got a flat tire or any mechanical or technical problems. It got a crack in its windshield.

The F-150 Hybrid charged our Lightning EV truck two times in an emergency when no other electricity source was available. The support truck has David’s custom-built wooden truck topper and a Roof Nest tent. It housed our cameraman – Cole, and/or producer – Jay along the way.

Check out the video below for all the details.