Video: This Is By Far The Craziest EV Fast Charger In All of America – It’s Actually In The Woods!

David and Roman trying to work a ReCharge Alaska EV fast charger. To the machine’s credit, Roman’s notorious impatience was more at fault. (Images: TFLtruck)

Roman and crew find the craziest EV fast charger in the whole United States of America, and it’s in the middle of the Alaskan woods. No kidding!

One of the most challenging parts of our #Northernlightning, Amps to Alaska series is EV fast charging. Only a handful exist in the entire state, like less than a dozen. All of the other chargers are level II, which would take a day to charge the Ford F-150 Lightning. Fortunately, with careful planning from Producer Jay and the rest of the team, the useable EV fast chargers have been located.

Some, like the one in this video, are located in some daffy places.

One of the massive challenges of road-tripping our Ford Lightning thousands of miles is working with the charging infrastructure available. Yes, in many places it’s improving, but it still sucks. Seriously, we’re not apologists for the lack of cohesive planning with EV fast chargers in this country. They should be as easy to use as a gas pump, and they are not.

Yea, Roman smiled in the photo above, but he was confused and confounded at this stop. Check out the image below…

With a slew of EV pickup trucks about to hit the highway, those huge batteries are going to make others who are waiting to charge, upset. Think about it: even fast charging a 131kWh pack can from go 15-80% in 41 minutes. That’s provided you have the right charger… which many are not. Look: Level 3 Charging burns from 400-Volt to 900-Volt. That’s DC fast charge and supercharging Level 3. Only so much voltage is permitted, and many chargers come up lacking.

An EV fast charger where bears live?

Watching the video, I was seriously hoping to see a grizzly gnaw on Roman for a few minutes. Not in a brutal way, but a fun “silly bear” way. While it didn’t happen, the boys did have an interesting time finding this charger in the wild. At the same time, it’s difficulty to use was an obvious challenge for Roman.

Thus, while the grizzly’s didn’t upset him, the EV fast charger did.

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