Video: We Kick Off Our Ford F-150 Lightning EV Adventure to Alaska with This Cunning Plan! Ep.1. #NorthernLightning

NorthernLightning is thousands of miles of overland travel.

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We are kicking off our ambitious electric pickup truck adventure in Colorado. We are taking our new Ford F-150 Lighting pickup to the north-most point in the United States – Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Our goal is to be the first to make this long journey in an all-electric pickup truck and camp along the way. We have a cunning plan to do it. Here are all the details.

Thanks to our sponsors: Four Wheel Campers, Flo Charger, and BFGoodrich for making this possible.

Our cunning plan includes taking a ferry for part of the journey, and we have a support truck coming with us. The second truck is a Ford F-150 Hybrid that is carrying a bed-mounted tent. Our F-150 Lightning will get a Four Wheel Campers Project M pop-up topper that will make our journey much more comfortable.

We are starting in Boulder, Colorado, and driving the trucks to Bellingham, Washington state. This is where we take the inside passage ferry to Haines, Alaska. From there, it’s still over a thousand miles of tough highways and dirt roads to reach Prudhoe Bay. We spent a long time planning this trip and all the places we need to stop to replenish Lightning’s battery. Our extended range truck is EPA-rated at 320 miles of total driving range, but with BFGoodrich all-terrain tires, additional gear, and the camper – the range will drop significantly.

Our support truck is carrying our camera crew, and the F-1509 Hybrid can be used as a power source in case of an emergency. We want to avoid charging off the Hybrid at all costs because it’s relatively slow, and because we want to see how the infrastructure supports our journey.

This is episode 1 in the series. We are planning this to be a six-episode series that we will publish every Saturday morning. Please go to for all the latest about this series and everything else that TFL does.