WE MADE IT! TFL Studios Have Succeeded in Being the First to Drive an All-Electric Ford F-150 Lightning Pickup Truck to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska! Northern Lightning Strikes!

2022 ford f-150 lightning ev prudhoe bay alaska first ever

Our video series “Northern Lightning” reached a huge milestone: we made it all the way up to the northernmost point in North America, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska – in an electric pickup truck!

Deadhorse and Prudhoe Bay are located at the northernmost reaches of the Alaska road system. Nestled on the coast of the Arctic Ocean, it’s located where the pipeline begins. Not a place for an electric vehicle, especially given the thousands of miles of rugged road you must work through to get there. Even in an internal combustion vehicle, the route is daunting.

Roman Mica, CEO of TFL Studios, crafted the idea of taking an electric truck to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska over a year ago. Since then, the TFL Studios’ team has banded together to support this endeavor. Jay Traugott, our new producer, spent countless hours working with the team to finalize the logistics.

The entire Alaska “NorthernLightning” team (from left to right): David Morrow, Jay Traugott, Cole Pearson, and Roman Mica.

“Being first to drive an electric truck as far north as possible in the United States was an epic adventure up the Dalton Highway. It proves that, if you have the time, EV trucks are just as capable as the good old traditional truck…. but only it you have the time.”

Roman Mica

Supported by David Morrow, and Cole Pearson our videographer, the crew had to get creative with possible contingencies. As such, we secured an F-150 PowerBoost (hybrid) to use as a support vehicle. On top of that, the PowerBoost system can, in an emergency, charge the F-150 Lightning. One of the points of this trip was to find charging locations along the way, and to go without emergency charging.

“It’s been a challenging and extremely rewarding experience for the TFL team to make this happen. Hard work, creativity, and team work pays off. The Ford F-150 Lightning is an incredible piece of technology and we can’t wait to see what the Blue Oval does next!”

Jay Traugott

While all of the TFL Staff supported this endeavor, I would like to shower a little additional praise on Andre Smirnov, Alex Lightman and Grant Davis. Without their hard work, the trucks would have never made it to Alaska.