Video: We Drove As Far North In a Ford F-150 Lightning As You Can & It Only Took 30 Hours Of Charging – Northern Lightning Ep.5

The people we met made all the difference.

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We did it! We reached our goal – to be the first to drive an electric pickup truck (Ford F-150 Lightning) to the northernmost point in the United States. This expedition to Deadhorse, Alaska, and Prudhoe Bay (Arctic Ocean) took a lot of planning and over 5,000 miles of driving over the course of three weeks.

Thanks to our friends at Flo ChargerFour Wheel CampersBFGoodrich, and Colorado Fairing Company for making this project possible.

In this episode, the team travels nearly 250 miles from Coldfoot, Alaska to Deadhorse on what ends up being around 90% charge. Why 90%? It’s because the team charged around 14 hours in Coldfoot with the help of some friendly people. Getting the battery to 100% would have taken even more time. The time that the team did not have.

This final stretch includes driving up the Atigun Pass – the highest drivable point in Alaska. The TFL team has been on the Atigun Pass before during our epic 2015 Motor Mountain USA journey. The Atigun Pass road crosses the Continental Divide at 4,739 feet above sea level. The F-150 Lightning is a heavy pickup truck, to begin with. We weighed it at 6,800 lbs of curb weight. With the Project M camping shell, the wooden camper build-out, and all of our gear – the truck weighs over 8,000 lbs. Climbing the Atigun Pass took a lot of energy.

Thankfully, it was all downhill from there and the team literally rolled into Deadhorse with just several percent of battery remaining. Join the adventure and all the amazing people we met along the way in the video below.