Report: New 2022 Ford Maverick Turbo AWD Gets 25 MPG Combined

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Thanks to out friends at, we got a glimpse of window stickers with some interesting information about the Ford Maverick AWD’s MPG!

Equipped with a turbocharged 2.0-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine, the Ford Maverick AWD’s sticker shows us some rather revealing information. The Ford Maverick EcoBoost 2.0L AWD window sticker shows us an overall rating of 25 MPG. The highway mpg is an impressive 29 MPG, and it gets 22 MPG for city driving.

Interesting numbers. It shows us just how efficient the Maverick can be on the highway, but also its unimpressive city economy. Still, the overall rating of 25 MPG is quite good. The AWD versions of the Hyundai Santa Cruz get 23 MPG combined (2.5-liter) and 22 MPG combined (2.5-liter Turbo). You can read about all of the EPA’s ratings for the Santa Cruz (here). On top of that, the (much larger) 2021 Honda Ridgeline is rated at 18 MPG city/24 MPG highway and 21 MPG combined.

The Ford Maverick AWD may be the most efficient vehicle in its class…

We still have to wait for Ford’s official announcement about the Maverick AWD’s EPA numbers, but this is a mighty good clue. Lest we forget, the Ford Maverick’s entry-level model comes as a front-wheel-drive (FWD) hybrid.

“Some of the most important specs are that the base Maverick power plant is a fuel-efficient front-wheel-drive 2.5-liter I-4 hybrid that can deliver up to 40 MPG and starts at around $19,995 before destination charges.”


Unlike the EcoBoost, there are no hybrids available with AWD. Also, the hybrid is rated at a max tow rating of 2,000-lbs, whereas the AWD EcoBoost can pull up to 4,000 lbs.

Remember, this information is based on this photo, and none of the MPG numbers have been officially confirmed by Ford. With that being said, it looks pretty legit in our book. This is pretty good news for Maverick fans who were worried about the fuel consumption of the turbo AWD. Its highway numbers compensate for its limited city MPG numbers, without a doubt.

What do you think? Are these numbers what you expected? Let us know!

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