Video: 2021 Ford Raptor Prototype Shows Off Its Exhaust Sound, New Wheels, and Lights

Could it be the elusive supercharged V8?

2021 ford f-150 raptor v8 v6 driving

Here you go! We catch up next to a 2021 Ford Raptor prototype in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. The prototype hunting video is embedded at the bottom of this article. In the middle of the video you can see and hear the truck accelerating with authority. What do you think it sounds like? Is it an updated 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 High Output hybrid or could be a V8. Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

We also have two other Raptor prototype images thanks to Cody at @CodysCarConundrum. These also show off new wheels and LED lights. These next-generation Raptor prototypes feel familiar due to their wide fenders, wide stance, side steps, and BFG all-terrain tires.

2021 ford f-150 raptor

Since the new 2021 Ford F-150 trucks are using slightly bigger diameter wheels, is it possible that the next Raptor will follow suit with a 36-inch diameter tire? We will have to wait and see. These prototypes show a little more headlight design detail. The “C-clamp” LED signature lights are peeking through and appear to match the design of the standard 2021 F-150 trucks.

We still do not have a very clear view of the grille and front bumper design. These Raptor prototypes still have coverings over the rear suspension. We think this is hiding a coil-spring rear suspension setup. The current generation Raptor is using leaf springs in the rear.

Will the next Raptor use the latest FOX 3.0 active shocks? This is very likely, but we do not know for sure. The new 2021 Ram TRX will reach the market soon (by the end of the year) with new Bilstein Blackhawk E2 active shocks. The suspension game is heating up, and this is good for all of us.