Chevy Silverado Trail BOSS Or INTERN? We Off-Road To Over 13,000 Feet To Find Out! No Pavement Needed Ep.2

Can a stock truck make it?

2021 chevy silverado 1500 trail boss imogene pass

How will a stock Chevy Silverado 1500 Trail Boss do going up and over the 13,000+ feet tall Imogene Pass in Colorado? We find out on this episode of No Pavement Needed!

The truck is our crew cab 4×4 LT Trail Boss. It has a two-inch factory suspension lift, Rancho shocks, and Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tires. The truck is equipped with a low-range transfer case, hill descent control, and a “G80” automatic mechanical rear locker. The truck is equipped with a ThuLe bed rack and a RoofNest tent.

The off-road challenger is the Imogene Pass in Colorado. Here are all the details about it via onX Offroad – Imogene Pass.

We could not produce this video series without our partners and sponsors. Huge thanks to them for making it possible.

In the end, the Trail Boss comes through and takes Roman and Tommy to the very top of the spectacular mountain pass. Check out all the action in the video below.