Here’s Precisely How The Toyota Hilux and Tacoma Are Different! Dude, I Love My Ride @Home Edition (Video)

The Hilux is more unique than you may think.

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Here’s how the Toyota Hilux and Tacoma are different

In the “Dude, I Love (or Hate) My Ride at Home Edition” series, we have our newest episode which shows how the Toyota Hilux and Toyota Tacoma are different. Over the years, TFLtruck received several questions asking about the differences between these trucks.

The other question is “why doesn’t Toyota bring the Hilux to the United States?”

Current Hilux

The Toyota Hilux is the midsize pickup just about every country gets – other than the folks in North America. Why? We had the Hilux until 1976. After that, we renamed it the Toyota Truck and later, the Tacoma.

The Hilux (or Hi-Lux) went from being the same basic truck we have here, to a completely unique truck for the overseas’ market. In time, the Hilux sported unique components, completely separate from the Tacoma.

Today, it sits on a different platform with unique powertrains. It has different capabilities, a different exterior design and a different interior design. Simply put: it’s just about a completely unique truck.

The Toyota Hilux featured in this video has a 2.8-liter, 1GD-FTV four-cylinder common rail diesel that makes 177 horsepower and 330 lb-ft of torque. It comes with a six-speed manual transmission, but the owner in this video opted for the optional six-speed automatic. The Hilux’s payload, towing and dimensions are all different to the Tacoma.

All of that may change in the future when the new truck(s) platform version of the TNGA is introduced. It’s possible that more components may be shared in the future.

In this video:

Thanks to this video submission from Malaysia, we get a fantastic and in depth look at a 2019 Toyota Hilux. Right off the bat, you can see the differences between the U.S. Tacoma and what the rest of the world gets. While it is very different, it still has a rock-solid reputation.

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