Atlis Electric Heavy Duty Truck Company Announces $1 Billion in Reservations and Investment (News)

Can this $45,000 electric HD truck come to reality by 2021?

2021 atlis xt military electric heavy duty truck
Atlis XT Military truck version (rendering: Atlis Motor Vehicles)

Atlis Motor Vehicles announces $1 Billion in reservations and investment for its upcoming Atlis XT electric heavy duty truck and electric chassis.

Atlis came on the scene nearly two years ago with a goal of making an affordable heavy duty all-electric truck. The company is developing its own battery technology that allows for fast charging times. Atlis claims a full charge in about 15 minutes.

The truck is called the Atlis XT and the idea is to make configurable for a variety of body lengths, styles, and weight capacities. The company wants to produce a crew cab truck with either a 6.5-ft or an 8-ft bed lengths. A dually version is also in the plan.

The payload capacities: 1,000 – 5,000 lbs.

The towing capacities: 6,000 – 17,000 lbs.

GCWR: 20,000 – 35,000 lbs.

Driving range: 300 – 500 miles.

Atlis XT “skateboard” chassis

We went to reserve an Atlis XT truck this week, but the reservation process did not ask for any money at this time. We reached out to the company for clarification.

The company is also using a crowd funding page that list a current $625,667 investment. The page later states that there is about $600 million in reservations, but this information is likely dated. Once again, we reached out to Atlis for a more detailed explanation.

The company hopes to begin sales at the end of 2020 with a starting price of $45,000. While the company published images of the “skateboard” chassis and many updated and detailed exterior/interior renderings – we are yet to see a fully functioning and driving prototype.

We will update you with more information as we get it.