August 2019 Midsize Truck Sales Report: Toyota Tacoma Claws Back Sales, Nissan Frontier Picks Up Dramatically

August 2019 midsize truck sales

Last month seemed to be a good month for trucks.

Ford, GM and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles are no longer reporting their sales monthly, so we will have to wait until October 2019 to infer sales data from their next quarterly updates. However, after some downturns at the beginning of summer, last month was an extremely good month for truck sales. The other contenders — Toyota, Nissan and Honda — all reported double-digit gains in August 2019.

An extra sales weekend that included the Labor Day holiday helped figures rise, as the upswing cast a largely positive light across the whole industry.

August 2019 sales*

Aug 2019 #Aug 2019/2018YTD 2019 #YTD 2019/2018 %
Toyota Tacoma27,01014.8%169,2924.7%
Nissan Frontier5,88828.8%50,8510.0%
Honda Ridgeline3,30214.0%21,3065.1%

*Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ford and GM figures will be available in October.

Once again, the Toyota Tacoma is at the top of the sales heap. That’s not surprising, but what is surprising is that sales bounced back from the slump in July. Tacoma sales were up 14.8 percent, setting an August sales record for the model.

Even better than that, however, was the Nissan Frontier. Some TFLtruck readers are younger than the current-generation Frontier, but age has done fairly little to slow the truck’s popularity. Tried and true sells, as the Frontier crossed 50,000 trucks sold in 2019, which is definitely a respectable figure. Sales in August 2019 were up a whopping 28.8 percent, bringing the model right on par with where it was last year. In terms of year-to-date sales, the fact that the Frontier isn’t dropping off shows how popular the model still is, despite being over a decade old.

The Honda Ridgeline also fared well last month, with August 2019 sales improving 18.3 percent. That 3,302 trucks is a massive improvement on previous months, while the year-to-date sales are up 5.1 percent at 20,268 units. Honda, Nissan and Toyota have all improved in their midsize truck sales, showing a bounce back from a slower year.

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