Best Moments of the 2018 Dakar Rally: When Semi Trucks Fly!

2018 dakar kamaz truck jump semi 4x4
2018 Dakar – Winning KAMAZ (photo credit: Dakar/DPPI)

The 2018 Dakar rally is in the books. It was another exciting and grueling two-week long race over some of the most difficult terrain in the world.

The Dakar Rally now had five classes: motorcycle (bike), quad, car (including SUVs and pickup trucks), SXS (side-by-side), and trucks (semi trucks). While many competitors are racing fully built racing vehicles, some others are in modified production quads, SUVs and pickups. You may recognize some brands and vehicles: Toyota Hilux, Land Cruiser, MINI, Ford Ranger, and Peugeot; while others are more unknown: MAZ, KAMAZ, IVECO, and TATRA.

2018 Dakar – Team Peugeot

Carlos Sainz and Team Peugeot won the car division, and Eduard Nikolaev and team KAMAZ – Master won among the trucks.

Here are some of the best moments captured by the Dakar team of DPPI photographers.

Here are some of the pickups and SUVs.