How About this Pair Of Futuristic Electric Semi Truck Concepts, Designed for Audi?

Audi Semi Truck
(All images belong to the designers: A. Smirnov and V. Panchenco)

Pictures of the Audi semi truck concepts seen here have recently appeared on the web and have been reported as having been designed by Audi. A little snooping reveals that it was actually two Russian designers, Artiom Smirnov (TFL Truck’s managing editor, Andre Smirnov, claims to have no relation to Artiom, but I have my doubts) and Vladimir Panchenco, who posted it on their social media… possibly to garner attention from Audi and/or anybody looking for some good vehicle designers. This is purely speculation, but what can be said for sure is that these Audi truck concepts make me want to become a trucker if this is what the future looks like.

Audi Semi Truck

The duo posted on their social media, “our plan is to make electric autonomously driving truck for Audi,” but little else is known. They came up with the two designs and asked for readers to weigh in on which one is better. They both appear to utilize a hybrid – or possibly full electric – drivetrain with massive batteries located behind the cabs. The batteries slide out, and presumably, can be quickly replaced. Take a look at the image gallery below to see what some imagination and good design skills can do for semi trucks.

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