What’s the Best Luxury SUV for Towing? [Ask TFLtruck]


We recently posted a question from TFL reader Gary about towing an Airstream with a Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel. He was considering getting a larger vehicle to make the job, let’s say… less exciting. Coincidentally, we have received another question from a reader also named Gary (different guy), who tows an Airstream with a Ram EcoDiesel and is also looking for a new rig. This time, the reader is looking for a nice luxury SUV that will keep his wife happy. Read his email below:

“I’m hoping you might make a recommendation on a “luxury” SUV or truck for towing a 7000 Airstream trailer. I have a 90 year old ‘car-o-holic’ that wants to tour in comfort… and I mean comfort. She recently purchase a Mercedes Maybach s600 and she’d like to see what’s comfortable and can pull our trailer. I’d like a Ram 2500 diesel Platinum – we currently use the Ram EcoDiesel – but that’s not comfortable in the back seat and doesn’t offer all the safety features that the Mercedes does, like adaptive cruise control, etc.

Is there a great option out there?

Thanks for your time and consideration!”

Our recent Ike Gauntlet testing has revealed that the GMC Yukon XL and the Toyota Land Cruiser are the best towing SUVs. However, many current full-size SUVs that are capable of towing heavy loads do not have adaptive cruise control or lane keep assist.

This is when we turn it over to you, the TFL readers, for your opinions. If you have experience with a similar setup and would like to recommend a luxury SUV for Gary and his wife, please cast your vote and let them know why in the comments section below.

Possible contenders are:

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Perhaps one of the videos below will shed some light on the subject.