Spied: Possible RAM 1500 Prototype Test Mule


Images caught this week of a possible RAM 1500 prototype test mule leave us with some questions. Is it hiding a new engine or drive train for a future version of the 1500 or is this a current production model used for high altitude testing? Or is this RAM 1500 an earlier test mule for the Pentastar 3.7 V6?

First off, the RAM 1500 is devoid of all badges except for one sticker above the fuel filler door. The yellow tag states “E85/Regular Unleaded Fuel Only.” Could this mean RAM is testing a turbocharged engine to run on regular fuel at any altitude? Maybe engineers are designing a 1500 RAM Turbo V6 or 4-cylinder to compete with the Ford EcoBoost F-150? We just don’t know, but it’s interesting none the less.


Another intriguing feature of this particular RAM 1500 is the front bumper. What are they hiding with all that black camouflage? It might mean a new light design or a change to improve the vehicle’s aerodynamics, but it could also mean absolutely nothing.


Now, as for the RAM 3500 on the rear of the trailer with the Roush Industries insignia on the door, it doesn’t seem too unusual or different from a production truck. The 3500 seems to be hauling heavy load mats on the flat bed which is a common way to test load stress on a truck, especially climbing the Ike Gauntlet.

If any details come to light about this RAM 1500, rest assured TFLtruck will keep you updated!

Here is a video on the popular 2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel…