Chevy Tahoe vs Ford Expedition vs …: You Are Buying Way More Large & Luxurious SUVs Than Before! 1st Half of 2023 Sales Report

2023 chevy tahoe suburban gmc yukon ford expedition jeep wagoneer nissan armada toyota sequoia

Take a look at the number. The new Chevy Tahoe, Suburban, Ford Expedition, and other full-size SUVs are growing sales in a huge way! You are buying way more large and luxurious SUVs than last year! Here is how the numbers break down.

Full-size SUV U.S. Sales – 1st Half of 2023

This table covers all full-size truck-based three-row SUV sales in the United States. It’s no surprise that the Chevy Tahoe is leading the way and growing sales. GM has been dominating this segment for years and decades. GMC Yukon (and Yukon XL) are also growing their number in 2023 – when compared to the same period last year.

It’s noteworthy that the Ford Expedition reclaims 3rd place with a huge 72.3% sales growth. The Nissan Armada is finding a lot more new owners, and the all-new 2023+ Toyota Sequoia is coming into its own with huge sales numbers compared to where it was before.

Model1st Half 20231st Half 2022Change (%)
Chevy Tahoe56,51545,04825.5%
GMC Yukon41,99238,3669.5%
Ford Expedition39,36622,84772.3%
Chevy Suburban30,59321,32143.5%
Jeep Wagoneer13,63517,275-21.0%
Nissan Armada13,1874,540190.5%
Toyota Sequoia9,5774771,907.8%

Here is a look at the more luxurious versions of these SUVs. This segment is also growing in a big way. I am not currently tracking the BMW X7, Mercedes-Benz GLS, Ranger Rover, and some other “non-truck” big SUVs. Please let me know if you want to see these included, and I will do my best.

Model1st Half 20231st Half 2022Change (%)
Cadillac Escalade20,78319,7265.4%
Jeep Grand Wagoneer5,2687,101-26.0%
Lincoln Navigator8,8586,05046.4%
Infiniti QX806,1302,867113.8%
Lexus LX3,4461,79791.8%

Here is how some of the other full-size luxury SUVs are doing…

1st Half 20231st Half 2022Change (%)
BMW X713,94414,168-1.6%
Mercedes-Benz GLS
Audi Q7
Range Rover
Defender 130

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