The Latest 2024 Toyota Tacoma Teaser: It’s Hiding a Secret in Its Bed!

Anyone keeping count of 2024 Toyota Tacoma teasers? I’ve lost track.

It’s a new week, so you know what that means: Another round in the drip-drip-drip of new Tacoma teasers in the final days until Toyota finally reveals the truck. At least, we should be in the final days (what other obscure things are there to tease anymore?).

So, what little nugget do we get this time? Officially, the 2024 Toyota Tacoma will get a JBL ‘Flex’ portable speaker that stows in the dashboard. “Bring your tunes from the dash to the campsite,” is about all the automaker says on today’s announcement, if you could call that an announcement.

However, there are a couple more clandestine clues hiding in the truck’s bed.

One is a bit more obvious: There’s a lip on the edge of the tailgate that may help with the Taco’s everyday aerodynamics. When the tailgate is closed, at least, that may help handle the air pass over the rear of the truck just a little bit easier. It appears the track system for the bed tie-downs is also still there, though we’re a bit perplexed about what’s going on between those bedrails and the tailgate. We can’t see much in the image above, but perhaps there’s something more than meets the eye there too.

A Bluetooth speaker isn’t huge news, we know, but we still want to give you every piece of 2024 Toyota Tacoma information we can, no matter how mundane. After all, this is an explosively popular truck (by far the bestseller in the midsize segment), and at least Toyota did share far more impactful details about the TRD Pro model. It will have hybrid “iForce Max” power, for a start, while we also got a look at its wheel, brake and shock setup. There’s also an overlanding-focused Trailhunter trim in the works.

If you’re frustrated that we there’s little more actual news about the Tacoma at the moment, we’re right there with you. We also just want to see the truck already. With just how much of a tease Toyota’s being at the moment, we shouldn’t have much longer to wait until the full truck actually breaks cover. Or someone leaks it, which is a virtual certainty with a huge reveal like this.