Full-Year 2022 Midsize & Small Truck Sales Report: Toyota Slips While Nissan Claws Its Way Up the Charts

The full 2022 sales reports are out, including results for midsize and small trucks.

We’ve spent the past few days going over the numbers as automakers publish their full 2022 sales data. And, if full-size truck sales were anything to go by, the picture for midsize trucks won’t be a rosy one. In fact, the actual figures are a bit more of a mixed bag. Overall U.S. midsize truck demand did indeed shrink, but not by the same proportion as full-size trucks.

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If anything, some automakers actually have good reason to celebrate here. General Motors gained substantial ground with the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon over the past year compared to 2021. On the back of its recent redesign, Nissan dealers also shifted 25% more Frontier pickups over the last 12 months, surpassing the Ford Ranger (more on that in a moment) and landing within spitting distance of the Jeep Gladiator. The Honda Ridgeline also held its own as much of the company’s lineup languished, rising 3.4% in 2022.

But what about the Toyota Tacoma? Is it still the midsize truck sales king?

Yes, and comfortably so. As ever, its sales dominance was never in jeopardy. However, the best-selling midsize truck did drop by a slight 6%, which falls more or less in line with the brand as a whole last year. There are a few different reasons for the drop, including the industry’s ongoing supply chain and inventory woes, as well as buyers opting for one of the Tacoma’s rivals instead. A redesigned Tacoma is also on the horizon for the 2024 model year, so folks may be holding out for that reveal.

We see a similar story with the Ford Ranger. The Blue Oval’s midsize truck experienced a precipitous drop-off in sales through 2022. Again, that could be down to a variety of factors, including a new Ranger on the horizon and folks shooting for its smaller Maverick cousin or the larger F-150 instead. That said, those factors dropped the Ranger from third to fifth place among midsize trucks.

Full-Year 2022 Midsize Truck Sales Data

ModelFull-Year 2022 SalesFull-Year 2021 SalesChange (%)
Toyota Tacoma237,323252,520-6.0%
GM (COMBINED)*117,01697,133+20.5%
Chevy Colorado89,19773,008+22.2%
Jeep Gladiator77,85589,712-13.2%
Nissan Frontier76,18360,693+25.5%
Ford Ranger57,00594,755-39.8%
Honda Ridgeline42,76241,355+3.4%
GMC Canyon27,81924,125+15.3%
TOTAL MIDSIZE SALES608,144636,168-4.4%

Full-Year 2022 Maverick vs. Santa Cruz results

Now, while Ford dealers took a notable hit with Ranger sales, the same cannot be said for the Maverick. In fact, a full year of sales reveal that the company’s new small truck is remarkably popular. Not only does it offset the Ranger’s poorer performance, but it outsold its equally fresh rival, the Hyundai Santa Cruz, by almost exactly two-to-one.

Relatively speaking, small trucks were hugely popular in 2022 — a clear sign that demand for these vehicles remains strong. We may just be seeing some dilution as folks shop in different segments of the market for something right-sized, more affordable to buy or more lifestyle friendly than your typical full-size truck.

ModelFull-Year 2022 SalesFull-Year 2021 SalesChange (%)
Ford Maverick74,37013,258+460.9%
Hyundai Santa Cruz36,48010,042+263.3%
TOTAL SMALL TRUCK SALES110,85023,300+375.8%

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