Well…We Didn’t Expect to Tear Off the Bumper: Ford Bronco vs Diesel Ram 2500 in a Tire-Smoking Tug of War!

It may be sort of pointless, but it's still fun!

(Images: TFL Studios)

Just how tough is the Ford Bronco? We’re going to put it up against some tough tug of war competition!

All right, so part of this video boils down to just having some fun with our new Ford Bronco First Edition. In this latest TFLtruck video, the guys are back at Tumbleweed Ranch with a different sort of challenge in mind. Do a tug of war, but put the Bronco up against some weird (and hopefully interesting) vehicles, ratcheting up the difficulty with each round.

So, what do we have to take on the Bronco? Starting off, Andre brings in a John Deere 1023E tractor. With a whopping 22 horsepower diesel engine and 1,400 pounds to work with, it’s going to show the Bronco who’s boss! Right?

Nope! The Bronco obviously yanks the Deere like a toy, proving no point whatsoever in one of the most pointless tugs of war we’ve done yet. But hey, it’s fun to hear none other than Andre Smirnov screaming into the radio as he quickly loses the first round to Roman in the Ford. That said, we’re doing these runs on dirt, so we hopefully don’t damage the equipment (or our team, for that matter).

It’s a similar story with the Kawasaki Mule UTV, although Andre can put up more of a fight that time around. It’s all fun and games…until we bring Tommy’s new-to-him Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ into the mix. This particular ZJ does not have a tow hitch, so Andre attached the strap to the Jeep’s rear bumper cross-member (bad idea, and you’ll see why) for this round.

Here’s how that went:


But how does the Bronco handle the torquey Ram 2500 HD?

Of course, the one tug of war you might actually be interested in is the Ford Bronco against our workhorse Ram 2500 heavy duty. Even in its “Standard Output” form, the 6.7-liter Cummins inline-six turbodiesel manages 850 lb-ft of torque, not to mention its significant weight advantage.

There’s another twist to this challenge, too: If the Ram HD does indeed conquer the Bronco, Roman gets to bring in a different vehicle to take the Ram on.

Find out how that all goes (and the rest of the tugs of war) in the video below: