This 2021 Ram TRX Is For Sale & It Has 98,000+ Miles!

Is this the highest miles Ram TRX ever?

2021 ram trx for sale high miles

Take a look at this 2021 Ram TRX that is listed for sale. Thanks to Ben Kempa for sending this lead to us. This TRX may appear normal, but its history report states that it has 98,809 miles on the odometer. Could this be the highest miles TRX yet!?

Here is the Ram TRX listing. It’s listed as a “manufacturer vehicle”, so it may have been in the early test fleet and belonged to a Ram/Stellantis employee.

The truck is listed at $76,677, so it may also be the lowest-priced used TRX out there as well.

We put around 13,000 miles on our long-term Ram TRX, and here is what we found. Take a look at the video below.