Real-World 2022 Pickup Truck Best & Worst MPG Guide (from Compact to Heavy Duty)

This is based on our testing.

The price of fuel is going higher than ever, so we put together our own read-world best & worst MPG guide for new pickup trucks. Here are all the details. We start with the compact and midsize pickup trucks and get to the heavy-duty trucks as well.

Compact & Midsize Pickups

Here are the most fuel-efficient pickup trucks we recently tested (based on our MPG loop testing).

TFLtruck Results
Jeep Gladiator (3.0L D V6 4×4)21.2 MPG
Ford Ranger (2.3L T I4 4×4)21.4 MPG
Nissan Frontier (3.8L V6 4×4)22.3 MPG
Honda Ridgeline (3.5L V6 AWD)23.1 MPG
Chevy Colorado (2.8L D I4 4×4)31.3 MPG
Ford Maverick (2.5L Hyb. I4 FWD)40.8 MPG
Rivian R1T (BEV)46.1 MPG (Towing)

Full-size / Half-ton Pickups

Here are the most efficient full-size pickup trucks.

The results shown in the table below are pump-verified MPG numbers when we ran these pickup trucks on our 50-66 mile MPG loops with no weight in the bed and no trailers attached.

TFLtruck Results
Ford F-150 (3.5L Hyb. T V6 4×4)21.2 MPG
Toyota Tundra (3.5L T V6 4×4)24.0 MPG
Ram 1500 (3.0L D V6 4×4)33.0 MPG
Chevy Silverado 1500 (3.0L D I6 4×4)34.0 MPG

Heavy-Duty Pickups

The heavy-duty pickup trucks that GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) of over 8,500 lbs are generally not rated by the EPA. TFLtruck does standardized fuel efficiency testing for HD trucks. Here are our latest results for the diesel duallies and gas-powered HD pickups.

TFLtruck Results
2020 Ram HD 3500 (6.7L D I6 4×4)6.0 MPG (w/ 30,000 lbs trailer)
2020 GMC Sierra HD 3500 (6.6L D V8 4×4)6.9 MPG (w/ 30,000 lbs trailer)
2020 Ford F-350 (6.7L D V8 4×4)7.8 MPG (w/ 30,000 lbs trailer)
Ram HD 2500 (6.4L V8 4×4)14.8 MPG (unladen)
Ford F-250 (7.3L V8 4×4)15.1 MPG (unladen)
Chevy Silverado HD 2500 (6.6L V8 4×4)16.0 MPG (unladen)