1 MILLION Thank Yous For Pushing TFLtruck Past A Huge Milestone!

Here's to another successful decade!

(Image: TFL Studios)

TFLtruck passes a new milestone — thank you all for your support!

It’s only been a few months since the TFLtruck YouTube channel passed 900,000 subscribers, and now it’s passed the one million milestone! The entire team has been excited to round that corner, and we all want to extend a massive thank you to everyone for your continued support.

We all come into TFL Studios‘ headquarters each day with the aim to create the best, most informative videos covering new truck launches, real-world reviews and our insights on the truck landscape we possibly can. The TFLtruck channel and TFLtruck.com website have been around for nearly a decade, and we hope you guys stick with us and help push not just this channel, but TFL’s growing independent network forward into the future.

Just in the past month, more than 2 million of you have watched TFLtruck, while the videos themselves have gathered some 4.1 million views. Collectively, you’ve spent more than 60 years watching our videos — and those stats are particularly awesome to see.

TFLtruck is also on track to reach 1 Billion video impressions in 2022! This is indeed huge.

There’s so much more to come!

Apart from TFLtruck’s Ike Gauntlet™ towing reviews (we have another one coming up in the next few days!) and other truck-related videos, we have a whole range of YouTube channels, websites and podcasts. Check those out through the links below:

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You can also visit the TFL Studios landing page to get all our videos, written articles and podcasts in a single place.

On behalf of TFLtruck managing editor Andre Smirnov and the entire TFL team, Thanks again for all your support and we see you out on the roads and trails!