TFLtruck Races By the 900,000 Subscribers Mark – Thanks to You!

This website and TFLtruck Youtube channel are laser-focused on fun and informative videos and reviews of everything related to pickup trucks and full-size SUVs. At TFLtruck, we do not discuss crossovers, small SUVs, or cars. It’s all trucks – all the time! If it has a cargo bed or rides on a frame – then you will find it here.

You are making the channel and website one of the most popular truck news sources for new truck debuts, towing reviews, real-world fuel efficiency comparisons, drag races, and more.

The TFLtruck Youtube channel now has over 900,000 subscribers, nearly 83 million monthly impressions, and over 5 million monthly viewers. The channel and the website are about 9 years old.

As the managing editor of, I would like to extend a personal thank you to all of you who subscribe to the channel, comment on the channel, and provide feedback right here on the site.

We hope to continue the viewership growth over the coming months and years. We will see you out there on the trail!

Here’s one of our recent Ike Gauntlet™ towing reviews.