TFL Talkin’ Trucks – Thank You For Making It the Most Popular Pickup Truck Podcast

We go deep into truck industry topics!

tfl talkin trucks podcast toyota tundra

Thanks to you – the TFL Talkin’ Trucks podcast continues to grow! This is an audio and video podcast where we dive deep into all things pickup trucks. We interview industry experts, bring breaking news, and share all of our experiences with trucks.

We usually do not toot our own horn, but we recently crossed the 5 million downloads milestone. This is an important milestone as the podcast prepares to celebrate its two years anniversary in March 2022.

One of our most popular platforms is Apple Podcast. You can listen to and download our shows there. Since TFL-studios has been born as a video platform, we also publish our podcasts in video form at the TFLtalk Youtube channel as you can see below.

Please stay tuned as we continue to bring you the latest truck debut deep dives. We publish our audio podcasts every Friday and video podcasts a bit later the following week.

Also, huge thanks to those of you who continue to support us and donate at our Patreon page.