Video: FIRST EVER Ram TRX vs Rivian R1T Drag Race: Is The T-Rex Finally Going Down?

The TRX has dominated our drag races over the past year

Even if you’re not a fan of truck drag races, admit you’re curious about this one.

The Ram TRX vs Rivian R1T drag race was a long time in the making. We’ve had the Ram TRX for just over a year now. In that time, the supercharged Hemi pickup has reigned supreme in every drag race contender we threw at it. Both on the track and even in most off-road challenges, it’s been nearly impossible to beat the TRX.

2021 Ram TRX by the numbers

Every single one of us at TFL Studios hugely respects the capabilities of the Ram TRX. Not only does it have gobs of swagger and personality, but it’s stupid levels of fun to drive. It packs 702 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque, firing that power to all four wheels through an 8-speed automatic transmission.

The one thing our Ram TRX has working against it? Weight. Our TRX weighs just under 6,400 pounds, making it heavier (in some cases, by a huge margin) than most of the vehicles it’s been drag racing against over the past year.

More on the Rivian R1T

The Rivian R1T, though, makes 835 total horsepower through four electric motors. Each motor powers one of the wheels. Torque? How does 900 lb-ft sound? By the way, that’s available at zero RPM, meaning you get all that grunt right from the moment you stamp on the throttle. It’s instantaneous.

That’s insane, but you have to remember that the power from these all-electric modern vehicles is hampered by weight. Thanks to heavy battery packs — this particular truck has the 135-kWh “Large” Pack — the R1T’s curb weight tips the scales at over 7,000 pounds.

Interestingly, both trucks cost about $77,000. The Rivian R1T is rated to tow 11,000 pounds, while the TRX has an 8,100-pound max towing capacity. After this drag race, our towing challenge for the Rivian is coming up, so stay tuned for that.

For today, though, it’s time to race! Check out the full results below:

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