2022 Ford Ranger Splash Limited Editions Bring In New, One-Time Paint Colors: News

Each of the limited-run colors will launch a few months apart

2022 Ford Ranger Splash — Snow Edition color
The Ford Ranger Splash is getting some limited-run colors throughout its production run, as part of a $1,495 package. (Images: Ford)

So, you want a Ford Ranger Splash — How about a Forest, Snow or Sand paint scheme?

Back in September, Ford announced the return of the Splash name as a festive take on its midsize truck. In addition to simply bringing it back as a package, though, the Blue Oval also planned some limited-run colors, with a new onehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izLqQg8G4NQ dropping every few months. Fast forward to this week, and we’re getting our first look at some of those limited-run paint options should you decide to indulge in a current-generation Ranger Splash, before the next-gen truck comes along.

As with the regular, orange-accented Splash, the package still costs $1,495 on top of the standard Ranger’s price tag (depending on the trim).

Spring 2022: The Snow Edition arrives

Just in time for spring snow, Ford is launching the ‘Snow Edition’ as the first limited-run color. You’ll only be able to get it with the top-end Lariat trim level. This option brings in an “Avalanche” light gray paint scheme, as well as body-color grille accents and Ash Gray stitching throughout the ebony leather interior. Carbon weave patterns on the interior panels are also part of this limited edition, and it will be the most widely available option. Ford plans to build 750 Snow Edition trucks to be available in the spring.

2022 Ford Ranger Splash — Forest Edition color

Summer 2022: Forest Edition

Later on in the summer, you’ll be able to get the Ranger Splash Forest Edition shown above. Here, you get an XLT with Forged Green paint, red grille nostrils and “Magnetic” matte accents. Again, you get gray stitching and the carbon fiber accents, but cloth seats instead of leather like you get in the Lariat Snow Edition. If you’re gunning for green, this one will be slightly rarer than the Snow Edition model, with Ford building just 500 examples.

2022 Ford Ranger Splash — Sand Edition color

Fall 2022: Sand Edition

Finally, Ford will cap off this set of limited-run Ranger Splash themes with the Sand Edition. This one’s also based on the mid-range XLT with a similar interior to the Forest Edition. However, as befits the name, you get Desert Sand paint to offset the red grille accents.

Find out more on the Ranger Splash in the video below: