Spied: Is This the New 2023 Toyota Tacoma Prototype or Another Tundra?

Take a close look and try to judge the size of this truck.

2023 toyota tacoma
images: Adrian E.

Take a look at these images of what appears to be a 2022 Toyota Tundra prototype truck, or is it? These images come to us thanks to a TFLtruck viewer – Adrian E. Thank you for sending these images to us. If I saw this prototype by itself, I would have immediately said it was an early 2022 Tundra prototype, but seeing the people next to it has me questioning myself. Just take a look at what Adrian has to say about this prototype. This was captured near Torrance, California.

Adrian says:

“I saw a compact truck getting unloaded from a truck from an enclosed trailer. At first, it seemed like a midsize truck but then when I circled back around for the photos it looks smaller than any truck I’ve seen (I haven’t seen the new Ford Maverick). I really hope it’s a Chevy. Please tell me what you guys think?”

It’s very peculiar that Adrian considered this prototype truck to be either midsize or compact in size. Naturally, the next-generation 2022 Toyota Tundra is a very large and full-size truck. It would not be confused for anything other than a full-size truck.

The headlights and the grille appear to be similar to other 2022 Tundra prototypes we have seen before. If the size of this prototype is indeed smaller – could it be the next-generation 2023 Tacoma? I think this is highly unlikely because the next generation of the Tacoma is rumored to come out about two years from now. This is NOT an official statement from Toyota.

There are several sources that suggest that we will see a debut of the next generation of the 2022 Toyota Tundra, 2022+ Toyota Sequoia, and 2022+ Toyota 4Runner before we will see the next Tacoma. If this is true, then Toyota would not risk showing a Tacoma prototype within the reach of the public now.

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