What Do You Think Of This Unofficial Electric Honda Ridgeline Concept?

It looks pretty sweet as an off-road adventure rig, in my opinion

Honda Ridgeline EV rendering
Sure it’s not what most would consider a conventional “truck”, but as a future sort of adventure, outdoorsy rig, this imagining of an electric Honda Ridgeline looks awesome. (Image Credit: Rene Garcia via Behance.net)

Just imagine if the future electric Honda Ridgeline looked like this.

All right, even with a burgeoning EV revolution kicking off among virtually all major auto manufacturers, we’re still some distance away from seeing something like an electric Honda Ridgeline. The company, for its part, aims to go all electric within the next 20 years, but as far as the here and now? We’ll get a couple new electric models in the U.S. by 2024, neither of which will be Honda’s low-volume, crossover-based pickup. Still, that hasn’t stopped enterprising and artistic minds from imagining an electric Ridgeline, and this particular image set looks unequivocally awesome.

Honda EV rendering

San Francisco-based concept artist Rene Garcia thought up this electric Honda Ridgeline concept in stunning detail. Both inside and out, we have a design that looks well into the future, and a sort of cinematic look of the future I think would be right at home as the vehicles you’d see roaming around Jurassic Park. Or maybe some far-off extraterrestrial colony. That said, Garcia maintained some of the Ridgeline’s most distinctive traits, from the flexible bed arrangement to the first-generation’s sort of blocky design, and of course the Honda badging.

Inside, this electric Honda Ridgeline concept is awash in tomorrow’s world technology. Some of it’s a bit overwhelming — the screen layout, for example — but concepts are supposed to be outlandish. The steering yoke is a bit out there as well, but Tesla might actually make that a real thing if folks actually buy it in the Model S sedan. Some modern brand tropes even make this electric Honda Ridgeline more familiar, like the push-button layout on the center console. It even has paddles to exert some control over the EV drivetrain and regenerative braking system.

Using a skateboard-like design and electric motors, it’s likely we’ll see more designs head in this direction moving forward. If the Tesla Cybertruck is any indication, some automakers are chomping at the bit to completely reimagine conventional car and truck design. In doing that, we’ll probably be pushed out of our comfort zone, well beyond anything we’re used to now — even Honda’s own attempt to make the Ridgeline more edgy.

Check out Rene Garcia’s full gallery over on Behance.net!

Honda Ridgeline EV rendering — copyright Rene Garcia